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Seminar “Digital Transformations and Professional Training” – May 28


Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Sofia, University of Forestry, Main Building, Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”, 3rd Floor

11:00-11:05Official opening of the event – Rector of LTU, Assoc. Prof. Hristo Mihaylov Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
11:05-11:10Welcome address by Prof. Dimitar Angelski – Dean of the Faculty of Forestry IndustryHall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
11:10-11:15Welcome address by Prof. Vasil Zhivkov – Chairman of the Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture IndustryHall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
11:15-11:30Presentation of the MOSAIC project, (Erasmus+) – Trifon Pavlov, Manager of “Harmonia 1” Ltd.Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
11:30-11:45Environmental dimensions of furniture production and recycling – Chief Asst. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Ivanov, SWU Neofit RilskiHall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
11:45-12:00Digitalization – a key factor for the success of modern training – Georgi Dinchev, Manager of MAXINET Ltd.Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
12:00-12:15Education, internship, and perseverance – the key to furniture production – Mihail Zakharyev, Owner and Manager of furniture company “AKADO” Ltd.Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
12:15-12:30What do I need to become a good interior designer? – Yana Mechkarova, Owner and Manager of “Kala Design Studio”Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
12:30-13:00Coffee breakLobby
13:00-13:15Professional training in vocational training centers (VET) and universities – possible connections and cooperation – Trifon Pavlov, Manager of “Harmonia 1” Ltd.Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
13:15-13:30Digitalization in furniture production. Hackathon as a means of professional training – Prof. Dr. Dimitar AngelskiHall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
13:30-13:45The European Observatory of Arts and Crafts and the contribution of the MOSAIC project to it – Georgi Dinchev, Manager of MAXINET Ltd.Hall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
13:45-13:55Discussion on the topic – Contemporary trends in digitalization in furniture design and productionHall “Acad. Mako Dakov”
13:55-14:00Closing of the seminarHall “Acad. Mako Dakov”

Project 101055648 — MOSAIC ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PEX-COVE 
Program ERASMUS + Key Action 2: VET Cooperation Partnerships

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