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I took advantage of the online English language course at the Harmonia Secondary School and was very satisfied. The online course was convenient and flexible and I was able to fit it around my work schedule. Don’t hesitate to sign up!

Plamena Jerikarova /Online training/

Thanks to the knowledge gained at the vocational training center, I managed the interview at my new job. I recommend them to everyone!

Petar Stefanov /Hospitality/

In the Web Design course, I received irreplaceable knowledge from the trainers of the Harmony professional training center. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.

Albena Petrova /Web Designer/

” In 2014, I completed an English language course at the Harmonia Vocational Training Center, and throughout the training it was a pleasure for me to learn new things and improve my language. I combined work and the language course, doing it as online training, which was the ideal option for me. With the help of the good study materials and the many video consultations, I mastered the language very well. Thanks to the team from TSP “Harmonia” for all the attention they paid

Georgi Dimitrov, Sofia

I was a student in the Computer Graphics course at Harmonia Secondary School, and my impressions of the course are good – I liked the material that was covered in the various topics during the training and the many hours to master the material. I recommend everyone to try it course at this vocational training center.”

Peter Kolev, Sofia

“With the knowledge from the accounting course that I received at the Harmonia professional training center, I started working and I am very grateful to the people of this center, as well as the “I can do more” program, for having it.”

Daniela Alexandrova, Sofia

” Recently, I became a student at the “Harmonia” CPO in a German language training course. I want to express my positive opinion about the quick and accurate organization that I encounter on the part of the team of the training center in case of inquiries or problems. Also, the course has good learning materials that help me learn the language and its grammar more easily.”

Ivan Penchev, Sofia

“I think the choice to study at the “Harmonia” vocational school was the right one for me and it was the beginning of new things for me in life”

Denitsa Petrova, Sofia

“I recently finished a Russian language course and I was happy with the fact that I took online training in this language at the “Harmonia” CPO

Nadezhda Stoykova, Pernik

“After completing a language course in German, I was very satisfied with the knowledge gained and I recommend everyone to use the services of the Harmonia professional training center”

Petranka Naydenova, Vidin

“In 2014, I took a qualification course at the TSO “Harmonia” and I was pleasantly surprised by the good teachers and the training. You will not go wrong if you trust the services of this training center”

Katya Ivanova, Sofia

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