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The lecturers in the Private vocational college “Harmonia” are well-qualified and have a considerable experience in the vocational education, as well as in the academic structures (universities and high schools).

In the college there are 4 associate professors, 5 Phd lecturers and 13 lecturers with master degrees and pedagogical qualification. All lecturers are people with vast knowledge and lots of practical experience in the field of the disciplines they read. They are academic authorities and practitioners with success in the real business. They are not just formal lecturers and mentors, but leaders and partners, councilors and friends to the college students. In our college the lecturers not only share their competences, but accept as personal challenge and task the education of every college student and their formation as true professionals.

The quality of the lecturers’ job is guaranteed by the college practice of lecturer’s selection based on CV and comments on his/her work from previous jobs. The idea to increase the college capacity is based on sustaining and improving the high quality of the lecturers’ practice and forms of education and qualification in college.

The future of the lecturers’ work in the college is defined by the implementation and establishment of the standards of good practice and the forthcoming certification under ISO 9001.

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