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Material facilities

Private vocational college “Harmonia” has good material facilities corresponding to the criteria for theoretical and practical education for the 4 qualification degree of the vocational qualification;

The college is situated near New Bulgarian University and grants the possibility for fast orientation and access not only by public transportation, but also by private cars.

The college is well equipped with computers, video and audio techniques, with specialized apparatus and equipments that make the education more accessible and attractive for the young people. The college students are facilitated in preparing their current course works and tasks. The college offers free internet access and college students dispose of rich and highly specialized literature in the college library.

The college administration helps the development of the young people therefore it relies on dynamic and effective approached in education. We aim the professional preparation to meet not only the need of the day, but also the needs of the tomorrow on the developing national and international market.  

The distance education is based on the MOODLE system, thus granting the opportunities for the college students in distance education to facilitate their learning process.

In addition, the cooperation with different partners increases the opportunities to use the material facilities for practical education.

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