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Third DİVET meeting in Istanbul

For the project

DIVET – Joint Qualification for Internet and Social Media Export Specialists is an Erasmus+ project that has been running since December 2018 and will end in December 2020.

The project aims to develop the skills of young people wishing to engage in exporting through the Internet and social media, to increase their employability and to help trained professionals with the necessary qualities to adapt to the needs of enterprises. To achieve this goal, the partners will develop a joint qualification for sales through the Internet and social media. Pilot training will be conducted in each of the three partner countries for 80 VET learners. Participation in a 3-month internship will be a prerequisite for successful completion of the course.


The third DİVET project meeting held in Istanbul

The first day of the meeting started with the presentation of the training modules. All presented the lesson plans they had developed, which led to a discussion of the type of activities that could be included in them, as well as the importance of a high level of interactivity in the activities themselves.

In connection with the development of the joint curriculum, a debate was held regarding the form and specificity of the learning content, as well as the standards and criteria for evaluating the learners.

At the beginning of the second part of the program of the meeting, the external evaluator of the project touched on the project evaluation methodology. Considerable attention was also paid to the issue of procedures for international recognition of qualifications. Various issues related to pilot implementation were also addressed. The last session of the meeting was devoted to the dissemination of the project, its promotion and accessibility.

In addition, on the second day, parallel bilateral meetings were organized between the financial staff of the project coordinators and each partner, to clarify and report the financial movement of each partner within the project.

Where you can learn more about the project

The official project website is divet.eu. You can also find us on our Facebook page as well as on Linkedin. You can find more about the previous meeting organized in Sofia here:

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