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A new voucher training program is starting

The long-awaited European program Vouchers for Employed People, which provides training for working people, begins. BGN 50 million is earmarked for foreign language courses, professional training and ensuring digital competence.

Documents will be accepted from June 15.

“Vouchers for Employed Persons” is a continuation of the old “I Can” and “I Can More” programs, for which there was an extraordinary interest on the part of people, but also many problems – long queues at the employment offices, waiting for hours to submit documents, and then to start a course. The Employment Agency claims that this will not happen this time – the application will also be submitted electronically.

At the same time, the distance form of training under the new program is excluded, against which training centers rebelled.

“There is no way that in every small town and village there should be a center for vocational training with a base and people can be trained there,” commented Lyubomir Tsenov, manager of a vocational training center.

The restriction will also hinder many aspirants, for example people with disabilities.

Distance learning has been excluded from all European programs following a cabinet decision from 2015 and by order of the Minister of Social Affairs.

Graduates are already excluded from the program. Vouchers will only be given to people with secondary and lower education, as they were more needy.

“More needy and less flexible to adapt to the labor market and employers’ needs,” explains Maria Petrova, from the Employment Agency.

This time the trainings will not be completely free for people. The program will cover 85% of the cost, the remaining 15% will be paid by the applicants. The goal – greater interest and control on their part of the training provided to them.

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The idea is for the participants “to be a little more conscientious, to attend the trainings, to complete them, so that they can acquire the qualification and the corresponding document”, says Petrova.

Vouchers are of different value depending on the course. In foreign languages, they are for 300 hours worth BGN 700.

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About 54,000 people are expected to join the trainings.

Applications will be accepted until program funds are exhausted. Within 14 days of submitting applicants, they will receive an answer as to whether they have been approved.

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