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A new group for the Operational Accounting major is starting

The training will end in June 2016.

During the training period, subjects will be studied, according to the requirements of NAPOO. / you can see a detailed program on the “Study Plans and Specializations” website/

At the end of the training, the graduates:

They will know:

  • microeconomics, fundamentals of management, economic theories, planning and forecasting);
  • Basic knowledge in areas supporting and supplementing the competence of the economist – law, mathematics, sociology, foreign languages, etc.;
  • General special knowledge in the field of financial accounting, control theory, financial and economic analysis of the enterprise, management accounting, tax control, auditing;
  • Profiled knowledge and skills through training in specialized disciplines (accounting of insurance and insurance companies, control in social security, bank control, forensic accounting expertise, control in insurance);

They will be able to:

  • To apply the comprehensively studied general theoretical, special and specialized economic knowledge in the construction of financial and accounting systems in state structures, private companies, etc.;
  • To know unilateral and bilateral accounting, the reflection and movement of funds and the sources of their formation;
  • To organize accounting, financial activity and internal financial control in the enterprise;
  • To carry out the accounting process in its full completion;
  • To build and analyze the company’s financial statements;
  • To handle the regulations of the country.
  • To have the ability to perform forensic accounting and financial and economic expertise;
  • To comply with the regulations for control over the company’s financial resources.

Vocational training for the acquisition of a degree of professional qualification ends with the passing of state exams in the theory and practice of the profession, according to Ordinance No. 3/15/04.2003 on the evaluation system (Government Gazette No. 37/22.04.2003).

The state exams in the theory and practice of the profession are held according to national exam programs in accordance with the state educational requirements for acquiring a qualification in the profession.

Upon completion of training, graduates receive a Certificate of Professional Qualification.

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