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A new group for the Business Administration major is starting

The training lasts 4 months and will end at the end of May 2016.

During the training period, subjects will be studied in accordance with the requirements of the National Education and Training Institute. You can see a detailed program on the “Study Plans and Specializations” website

At the end of the training, the graduates:

They will know:

  • The principles of organization of business activity;
  • Basic theoretical knowledge of macro- and microeconomics, including classical and modern economic theories;
  • Fundamental knowledge of marketing;
  • Theory and practice of the management process;
  • In-depth knowledge of modern information technologies;
  • The ways and methods of business communications;
  • Basic knowledge in the field of law;
  • Public Relations;
  • Foundations of the international economy in the conditions of globalization;
  • Fundamentals of finance and functions of the financial system;
  • Accounting and accounting control over economic activity;
  • Business English.

They will be able to:

  • Teamwork through adequate management decisions;
  • Preparation and implementation of working business plans;
  • Control and diagnosis of the quality of management systems;
  • Introduction to the technique and methods of in-depth economic analyses;
  • Mastering the art of actively conducting business negotiations with our and foreign partners;
  • A culture of communicating in the business world with colleagues and managers at all levels;
  • Rational and effective use of all types of resources for optimal functioning of the company;
  • Dealing with the regulations of the country.
  • Implementation of the tax and financial policy of the company.
  • Operational planning.
  • Compliance with labor and financial discipline.
  • Organizing the working time of the team.
  • Summarizing, analyzing and evaluating the performance of one’s own work.

Vocational training for the acquisition of a degree of professional qualification ends with the passing of state exams in the theory and practice of the profession, according to Ordinance No. 3/15/04.2003 on the evaluation system (Government Gazette No. 37/22.04.2003). The state exams in the theory and practice of the profession are held according to national exam programs in accordance with the state educational requirements for acquiring a qualification in the profession.

Upon completion of training, graduates receive a Certificate of Professional Qualification.

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