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New extended acceptance of applications for employment voucher training

From Monday, 01.04.2019, the Employment Agency launched a new extended reception of applications under the project “Vouchers for Employed Persons”, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union through the Operational Program “Development of Human Resources” 2014-2020. The operation will provide an opportunity for employees to acquire new or expand their knowledge and skills by acquiring professional qualifications and key competencies in accordance with current business needs.

The total amount of the grant under the present procedure is BGN 50 million. From the beginning of the first intake to the present, more than BGN 20 million have been used. The number of vouchers issued is 24,765, of which 67% are for vocational training. The received applications for inclusion in trainings for increasing professional qualifications and for acquiring key competences are currently 51,680, 57% of which were submitted electronically.

The financial resource for the second acceptance of applications for training for the acquisition of professional qualifications and key competences under the “Vouchers for employed persons” project is in the amount of nearly BGN 19 million, and with the planned funds, it is expected that another 30,000 employed persons will upgrade their qualifications you are

During the new admission period, persons employed on an employment contract in enterprises outside the state administration are entitled to submit applications, who are:

  • with an acquired secondary or lower degree of education (no age limit);
  • over 54 years old (over 55 years old) with higher education.

Those wishing to participate in the project will have the opportunity to undergo vocational training and/or training for the acquisition of key competence with vouchers according to PMS No. 280/2015. Key competence training can be communication in foreign languages – KK 2 or digital competence – KK 4.

According to the project, the planned co-financing by the trainees is also changed, and in the case of the new intake it will be in the amount of 50% of the value of the voucher. This will lead to a higher commitment on the part of the individuals regarding the quality of training and will create prerequisites for a shared responsibility between them and the training institution for achieving better results. The investment of own funds by the employed persons is expected to increase their motivation to successfully complete the course. Grant funding for the project will be in the amount of 50% of the value of the voucher.

And with this admission, employed persons can submit their applications only on working days between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., both electronically and on paper, in person at all labor offices in the country.

The deadline for receiving applications is from 01.04.2019 until the intended financial resource is exhausted.

Detailed information on the “Vouchers for Employed Persons” project and a sample Application on paper can be found here. On the same page, a link to the electronic application will be published, which will be activated with the start of admission.

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