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At a meeting of the Teaching and Methodological Council of Harmony 1 Ltd. held on 08.06.2021 discussed the possibilities for including knowledge, skills and competences from the pilot training under the DiVET Joint Qualification for Export Specialists via Internet and Social Media project, Erasmus+ programme in the expanded vocational training in the profession "Internet Application Organizer". The following skills are considered and proposed for training:

  • Applies the basic principles for calculating prices, export processes, and applicable legislation.
  • Manages the data collection process.
  • Strategically manage social media, email marketing and work with e-commerce platforms.
  • Applies basic principles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Improves skills for efficient time and energy management, problem solving, adoption of new ideas and flexibility.
  • Strategically manages social media activities (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) to organize an export-related marketing campaign
  • Effectively implements new concepts for export activities
  • Applies marketing via social media

They are about to be included in the curriculum for the profession. The acquired competences will be used in the following positions of the National Classification of Professions and Positions.
3514 – 3001 Administrator, website
3514 - 3002 Technician, website
3514 - 3003 Webmaster
3514 - 3004 Manager, website
3514 - 3005 Consultant, website management
3514 - 3006 Coordinator, website management
3339 – 3003 Specialist, trade