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About the project

DİVET – Joint Qualification for Export Specialists via Internet and Social Media is an Erasmus+ Project that will be implemented between December 2018 and December 2020.

The project aims to develop skills of young people interested in working in the field of internet-based and social media exporting, to increase their employability, and to make available trained professionals who possess necessary skills aligned with the needs of enterprises. For the purpose of this aim, a Joint Qualification will be developed among partners focusing on internet-based and social media sales, and pilot trainings will be delivered in each partner country to 80 VET students. A 3-month apprenticeship will be a pre-condition in order to complete the course successfully.

The 3rd meeting itself


The meeting started with a Training of Trainers Session, which included presentations on the learning modules. All the partners have presented the lesson plans they have developed. A key question debated regarded the type of activities that could be included in the lesson plans and their level of interactivity, which should be high as it was concluded by all participants. Other discussions related to the joint curriculum development were focused on the format and specifics of its content and on the assessment standards and criteria. A big part of the discussions was made around the issue of the mechanisms to ensure qualification recognition. An important session was dedicated to the evaluation of the project and was led by the external evaluator. Also, various issues related to the pilot implementation were reviewed. The final session of the project meeting was dedicated to the dissemination of the project.

Furthermore, in the framework of the meeting, there have been organized bilateral discussions between the financial staff of the coordinator and each partner. Also, a discussion was made for the preparation of the Interim Report and for the contributions that are going to be expected from the partners.

Where you can find more

Project website is available at project Facebook page and Linkedin group is also updated continuously. You could also check the results of the previous international meeting of the DİVET Project here: