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Private vocational college “Harmonia” is established in 2010 with Ordinance 14-56/04.06.2010 by the Minister of education and science, published in the Official Gazette.

The college has the right to organize and conduct education under the approved Curriculums:

  1. Professional field code 345 “Administration and management”, profession code 345020 “Company manager”, specialty code 3450212 “Entrepreneurship and management” – in the fourth level of vocational qualification according to the Framework program G in regular, distant and module form of education with an admission after secondary school education.
  2. Professional field 811 “Hotel and restaurant management and catering”, profession code 811010 “Hotelier”, specialty code 8110102 “Hotel organization and management” – – in the fourth level of vocational qualification according to the Framework program G in regular, distant and module form of education with an admission after secondary school education.

Mission of the College “Harmonia”

College “Harmonia” mission is to conduct policy to increase the information for the offered quality of vocational education and the realization of more trainings in the licensed professions for unemployed people, employees in organizations that need higher level of qualification, citizens looking for self-improvement and qualification, adequate to the labor market demands. The potential for quality education of the private vocational college is based on the experience of the owners and the employees, gained in their many years work in the field of education, qualification and requalification of youth and adults. Being aware of the responsibility and the activity specifics, we are oriented towards perspective and demanded professional fields, professions and specialties, which are of great importance for the vocational education and the priorities of the vocational education in Bulgaria.

Goals of College “Harmonia”

To achieve higher level of quality vocational education and training, which provides for the satisfaction of the needs and interests of the individual, our partners – institutions, employers, trade unions;

To expand the opportunities of our students to continue their education in universities and high schools;

To apply in practice the standards of the vocational education and training, established during the European integration of Bulgaria;

To increase the capacity of college “Harmonia” both with regard to number of students, as well as to material facilities and quality that corresponds to the world standards in this field.

Private vocational college  at “Harmonia 1” Ltd. has signed agreements for continuing education with:

  • New Bulgarian University
  • University of Security and Economics
  • University of Agribusiness and Rural Development
  • European Higher School of Economics and Management
  • Varna University of Management
  • MT&M College

Private vocational college “Harmonia” has good material facilities corresponding to the criteria for theoretical and practical education for the 4 qualification degree of the vocational qualification;

The college is situated near New Bulgarian University and grants the possibility for fast orientation and access not only by public transportation, but also by private cars.

The college is well equipped with computers, video and audio techniques, with specialized apparatus and equipments that make the education more accessible and attractive for the young people. The college students are facilitated in preparing their current course works and tasks. The college offers free internet access and college students dispose of rich and highly specialized literature in the college library.

The college administration helps the development of the young people therefore it relies on dynamic and effective approached in education. We aim the professional preparation to meet not only the need of the day, but also the needs of the tomorrow on the developing national and international market.  

The distance education is based on the MOODLE system, thus granting the opportunities for the college students in distance education to facilitate their learning process.

In addition, the cooperation with different partners increases the opportunities to use the material facilities for practical education.


 “Harmonia 1” LtD is established in 2005 and is registered according to the Trade law with main activities – vocational education, qualification and requalification of youths and adults, services in the field of education, consulting and professional orientation.

What do we offer?

  • Education for acquiring professional qualification and requalification in correspondence to the international standards and economic demands.
  • Curriculums corresponding to the State educational requirements for obtaining professional qualification and actualization of the acquired professional qualification.
  • Good material facilities. We have entirely computerized rooms with free internet access, laboratories with more than 20 seats.
  • Highly qualified lecturers

What will you get?

  • Certificate for vocational education, IV degree – acknowledged in the EU
  • Letter of certificate for vocational education
  • Guaranteed opportunity to continue your education in high school or university for Bachelor degree

The lecturers in the Private vocational college “Harmonia” are well-qualified and have a considerable experience in the vocational education, as well as in the academic structures (universities and high schools).

In the college there are 4 associate professors, 5 Phd lecturers and 13 lecturers with master degrees and pedagogical qualification. All lecturers are people with vast knowledge and lots of practical experience in the field of the disciplines they read. They are academic authorities and practitioners with success in the real business. They are not just formal lecturers and mentors, but leaders and partners, councilors and friends to the college students. In our college the lecturers not only share their competences, but accept as personal challenge and task the education of every college student and their formation as true professionals.

The quality of the lecturers’ job is guaranteed by the college practice of lecturer’s selection based on CV and comments on his/her work from previous jobs. The idea to increase the college capacity is based on sustaining and improving the high quality of the lecturers’ practice and forms of education and qualification in college.

The future of the lecturers’ work in the college is defined by the implementation and establishment of the standards of good practice and the forthcoming certification under ISO 9001.

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