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28,184 workers get a chance to improve their qualifications through the procedure “Training for employed persons” of OP HRD

their implementation 28,184 working in micro, small, medium and large enterprises will get a chance to improve their qualifications, become more competitive and get higher incomes. The total value of the contracts is almost BGN 40 million.

Within the framework of the OP HRD operation, priority will be invested in the acquisition or improvement of professional qualifications and key competencies of employed persons over the age of 54 with an average or lower level of education.

The purpose of the procedure is to increase the adequacy of working citizens in relation to the rapid changes occurring in the labor market – globalization, technological changes, population aging. The idea is to match their skills to the current needs of the business. This will increase their labor productivity and create conditions for sustainable employment and, accordingly, occupation of better jobs. Activities under the contracts will be performed until June 30, 2019.

“With the “Training of employed persons” scheme, we will support nearly 30,000 people who will take courses for qualification, digital and language skills,” said Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Zornitsa Rusinova, who handed over contracts to employers. “Increasingly, when we talk about workforce skills, we’re not just talking about professional skills. Over the years, we see that digital competences become part of our social competences”, she stressed.

“The variety of sectors that we support through this scheme shows that the Bulgarian employer cares about the qualifications of its employees and has realized how important the investment in the workforce is,” commented Rusinova.

The Deputy Minister assured that every employer has the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as training and improvement of working conditions in enterprises lead to higher productivity. Rusinova recalled that so far the Operational Program “Development of Human Resources” has given every third Bulgarian the opportunity to find their fulfillment through various measures for social inclusion or inclusion in the labor market. She added that thanks to investments in people, a positive effect is observed on the labor market, wage growth and the economy.

Deputy Minister Rusinova recalled that unemployment levels in Bulgaria are currently much below the European average and are comparable to the levels before the economic crisis.

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